Modular Kitchen over Traditional Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen over Traditional Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where not only a women but every person living in the house spends some time of their day. As it is most utilized place of the house, it is necessary to design it in such a way that cooking becomes fun-loving job for everyone.

A well designed kitchen not only enhances the overall appearance of the house but also compliment the user in healthy way. This article will give you few reasons to consider choosing modular kitchen for your new home instead of going for normal kitchen. Some beautiful kitchen design layouts are also given below to give you the basic idea of wide range of choices that are available for you.

Why to choose modular kitchen over traditional kitchen?

Modular kitchen is preferred over traditional kitchen not only because of its trendy and modern look but also for its innumerable benefits. While designing modular kitchen all the requirements of the customer is kept in mind. It is a best way to overcome drawbacks that comes complimentary with traditional kitchens. Here, are some advantages of modular kitchen over traditional kitchen.

Straight kitchen layout
  • Modular kitchen is easy to maintain and clean. It is durable to termites and wood boring insects.
  • In case of damage one can simply replace particular unit instead of repairing entire kitchen.
  • It is effortless takes less time to install as units are manufactured at the factory site, only installation is done in the house with minimal mess and noise.
  • Modular kitchens are hassle free and low maintenance as it comes with warranty.
  • Modular kitchen is portable; modules can be shifted from one place to another by simply packing into the box.
  • It is customisable as functional requirement of the customer is gathered before designing the layout. Manufacturing is done after taking the approval from the customer.
  • Wide range of color and finish options are available.

What is Modular Kitchen?

In today’s world modular kitchen has necessity more than luxury as it is highly customisable. Modular kitchen is made by combining small units. Each module is individually designed and assembled according to user’s requirement. There are different types of modular kitchens. One can choose from the wide range of kitchen design layout.

What is Modular Kitchen

Different types of modular kitchen are L-shaped, U- shaped, Island shaped, Parallel, Straight. Brief overview of each type is given below along with some kitchen design layout.

L shaped kitchen design layout

  • It is made by connecting the two walls running perpendicular to each other. Provides the perfect working triangle as the person can easily move between the cooking, cleaning and consumable zone.
  • Utilize the corners spaces by placing the open drawers for storage of non – food items.
  • Suitable kitchen design for medium and small space.

C shaped kitchen layout

  • It utilizes the 3 adjacent walls of the room.
  • Appliances and cabinets are placed along right angled wall providing open working area in the centre.
  • Two people can work at the same time without any disturbance.
  • This is suitable for large family kitchen as more space is required for storage of food and non- food items.

Parallel kitchen design layout

  • The two counters run parallel to each other.
  • Wet and dry work space can be split into two different counters.
  • In this type of kitchen cabinets have sliding doors.

Island kitchen layout

  • Suitable if large area is dedicated to kitchen. It can be combined with straight or l shaped kitchen layout.
  • Island can be as dining table for two or as a quick working table.
  • It provides additional space for storage.
  • Gives stylish modern look to your kitchen.

Straight kitchen layout

  • Suitable for both small and large kitchen space.
  • All the areas of the kitchen are easy accessible to provide the easy work flow without any traffic.

5 – Zone method to organise the kitchen

One can utilise the entire room if the kitchen is designed using the 5- Zone principle. There no need to roam in the entire kitchen while cooking as everything is kept handy. The entire kitchen is divided in 5 zones.

Consumable zone – This zone is used for storage for food items. Kitchen cabinets, drawers for storage of grains, pasta, spices, sugar, flour, finished products, snacks and other food items, refrigerator for chilled items are placed here. While planning this zone determine your storage requirement. Make sure that plenty of space is available according to your shopping habit. For example, this zone is kept bigger if you shop for groceries once a month so that one can easily store all the items without any.

Non- consumable zone – This zone is used for storage of non- food items like crockery, cooking utensils, bowl, glass, plates, dishes, etc.

Zone method to organise the kitchen

Preparation zone – This zone is used for preparation and storage of items you need during preparation like cooking utensils, pot, pans, cutting board, food processors, etc.

Cooking zone – Oven hob, kettle, microwave, cook top, etc. lies in this zone.

Cleaning zone – Sink, dishwasher, garbage lies in this zone. Keeping this zone close to the non- consumable zone minimises the risk of breakage and create ease in cleaning. One can also place drawer in this zone to store items used for cleaning purpose.

February 25, 2021