Low Cost Simple Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchen with tidy counter and shelves

Today, a modular kitchen has a necessity more than a luxury. It is highly customizable and manufactured at the factory site in the form of modules or small units after taking perfect measurements of the installation site. A wide range of colors, designs, laminates, finishes, appliances, and accessories are available in the market. If you make the right choices, you can make a low-cost kitchen designs for your dream home.

Before, it was unlikely to be believed that you can get a low-cost low budget modular kitchen for your dream home. More than half of middle-class people prefer carpenter kitchen because they think modular kitchen extends the budget. From the point of view of a professional designer and woodworker, a modular kitchen is not only budget-friendly but also makes your work easier.

Modular kitchen island in a large family kitchen

Factors affecting the modular kitchen budget range

To get a modular kitchen in your budget range first thing you need to do is list out all you desire to have in your kitchen. Enlisting your needs will help you to make a right decision on different parameters. There are 5 important things that affect the modular kitchen budget and the overall look.

Size and kitchen layout

A larger space means you need more modules to cover the place. However, it is not always necessary to place more modules in your kitchen to cover up the available space. Making the right selection from different modular kitchen layouts (L- shaped, U- shaped, parallel kitchen, island kitchen, straight or galley kitchen) will help you to control your modular kitchen budget.

Selection of kitchen core material

A wide range of modular kitchen core materials is available in the market. The core material is used to manufacture the doors and cabinets of your kitchen. Selection of the right kitchen core material ascertains the durability and modular kitchen budget.

Solid wood is the one with the highest moisture content and screws holding capacity. It can be cut and carved in various patterns to get the final look of your choice. Other commonly used materials are BWR ply, MR ply, HDF, MDF, particleboard, etc.

Modular kitchen accessories

A diverse range of modular kitchen accessories is available in the market. Most of the time, buyers think that it is necessary to have all kinds of fancy kitchen accessories. This thing stretches their budget too much. Selection of the right and limited kitchen accessories can help you to get a low-cost kitchen design to a large extent. Out of all the different kitchen accessories choose the one that fits your budget, family needs, and most importantly your kitchen space.

Countertop material

Granite, quartz, and solid surface are mostly recommended materials for kitchen countertops. Granite comes with the highest scratch resistance, heat resistance, and heat resistance. It is buyers friendly with low cost and the highest durability. Therefore 90 percent of Indian kitchens countertops are of granite. Investing in the right countertop material increases the durability and life of your kitchen.

Material and finish

Core materials are used for the construction of modules. However, the final finish on the core material adds beauty and value to a kitchen. Different finishes for modular kitchens are available. Each finish has its pros and cons with different machining and manufacturing process, therefore the selection of finish also plays an important role while designing a low-budget low-cost kitchen designs for your home.

Laminate and acrylic are the most commonly used modular kitchen finishes. Laminate is ideally used and most preferred amongst buyers. It has good scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, excellent durability, and demands the least maintenance. Acrylic is another finish available in the market but it is highly expensive. However, it delivers a glossy look to your kitchen. Other finishes available are Foil membrane, Pu painted, veneered, solid wood with polish or lacquer, etc.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are another factor that affects your modular kitchen budget to a very large extent. Investing in high built-in appliances may also stretch your budget unnecessarily. Select the one that suits your family’s need, available space, and also helps you to get a low-cost modular kitchen design.

Other parameters

Other parameters like kitchen lighting system, faucets, sinks, flooring, backsplash, etc. are also important parameters that affect the modular kitchen budget range. Investing in highly expensive materials just because of their fancy look is also a barrier between you and a low-cost kitchen design for your dream home. Below are some low cost simple kitchen designs.

Low-cost simple kitchen design

Above mentioned factors play a very important role in deciding the overall modular kitchen budget. It is true that one cannot figure out the final budget by reading it but this article will surely help you to make the right choice. We have a team of designers and woodworkers who can help you to get a easy low-cost modular kitchen for your home. I am sharing a few low-cost small space modular kitchen designs for the ease of your selection.

low cost modular kitchen design

This awesome black and wood laminated modular kitchen design is just perfect for nuclear family or bachelors. It has all the necessary things organized in small space with suitable appliances. 

A mind-blowing low cost small space modular kitchen in light colors with a white kitchen set

Exceptionally amazing and perfect example of low cost simple kitchen design for small and large family. It has perfect space planning, appliances set up and limited accessories with highest comfort. 

Modern kitchen with a blue kitchen set

Blue and white L shaped modular kitchen with near window view for stress free working in kitchen is finally here. Best example of L-shaped kitchen designed in small space with low cost margin. 

Mind-blowing small kitchen area with green tiled wall

This mind blowing small space modular kitchen with green tiles will surely fulfill your dream of getting low cost kitchen design for your dream home. 

Modern kitchen design

Did you just said getting a low cost small space island modular kitchen is not possible. Well this will prove you wrong. This is the perfect well organized island kitchen design for you home. 

Beautiful kitchen design

Get this beautiful small space modular kitchen design for your home. It has perfect window view and sufficient working space with all appliances and accessories arranged in small space. 

Humera Hallari

Humera is an experienced CAM CAD designer. Her passion for digitalization and technology has helped her to attain success in the woodworking industry.

March 9, 2022