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Kitchen Designing Ideas and Layouts

Are You Designing Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is the primary headquarters for the family. Kitchen is frequently the showplace of the house, and it is far required to function nicely for an extensive sort of duties. A well-equipped, beautifully dressed kitchen will provide both a sense of well-being and a favorite place in the home. As you propose your new kitchen, you must keep in mind each the application and the look element.

When thinking of ideas for designing your kitchen, you could either consider one- one part of the kitchen at a time or pick up a complete theme. A whole subject matter will be something like a layout based on Feng Shui which incorporates all its ideas. Feng shui worries the artwork of placement and can assist you to arrange your kitchen in a manner that complements its excellent strength. For example, according to Feng shui, the chefs back should never face the kitchen entrance so that you must design it accordingly.

Now in step with the other manner, you could pick a specific search for the kitchen floor, the walls, the storage area etc. This can be done in various ways depending upon the amount of money you are willing to spend, on the lay out of the kitchen in keeping with your flavor. Here are some specific design ideas for your kitchen-

Kitchen floor: Your floors preference is critical as it will set the tone for the complete kitchen. The textural exceptional of the floor usually appeals to eye and has a radical effect on how one perceives the room. For kitchens, the 2 most stylish flooring are tiles / stones and laminated or hardwood flooring. Ceramic tiles are a top-class product for a kitchen and constitute an impressive improve over every other floor. The simplest disadvantage is the cold sense. However, in case you want you can also opt for a ground heating system.

Kitchen countertops:

While selecting your countertop, pick out a shade and texture so that it will praise your cabinetry, ground, or paint selection. Do not be afraid in combining two or more counter top materials. Complimentary colors and textures on adjacent surfaces create visual interest. Granite and marble are sturdy alternatives.


Kitchen lighting: You may have a big ceiling fixture, geared up with strength-efficient fluorescent tubes that deliver plenty of nicely diffused widespread lighting. However, it may leave you working in your own shadow at the sink, range, and countertop. Those areas for your kitchen need supplemental project lighting fixtures.  Also placing your windows is a tricky question.

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The perfect arrangement for kitchen layout

Kitchen designing is very subjective, so a layout that is probably best for one can be disastrous for any other. This is usually because the tastes, and the methods of human beings in terms of operating behavior, patterns are vastly exclusive. Accordingly, kitchen layouts must be achieved consistent with the requirements and specifications of the prime person of the space, who has exact ideas about how he/she would really like their working area to be. However aside from this subjective outlook, there are sure steps which you must comply with at the same time as designing your kitchen plan or format. Following are the stages-

Stages in kitchen design layout

Follow these simple steps to get your kitchen space rightly utilized with a desirable look-

  1. Measure your kitchen in detailed manner, the position of the door, windows, electric powered points, drains and sinks and many others.
  2. Demarcate the kitchen areas into 3 storage, cooking and cleaning. Go about planning the space, keeping these three aspects in mind.
  3. Make a listing of the appliances which you are probable to use inside the kitchen and provide space for them consistent with their dimensions.

Keep those three points in mind and then design your kitchen in a fashion that suits according to your tastes.

Following are some of the stereotypical kitchen design layouts that are used-

Kitchen design layouts Types

These are the 4 basic kitchen layouts that are generally followed while designing a kitchen-

  • Corridor format: This is supposed to be a narrow kitchen, in which there are two opposite rows. One for storage and the opposite for cleansing and cooking. Make sure there may be a minimal 1200 mm space between the 2 rows. With this kitchen layout, each equipment or utensil has its certain space, so that you can effortlessly get whatever you want. Not only does this make the process of cooking an utter pleasure, however everything you require will be for your direct line of sight. The space optimization of your parallel kitchen and the minimum ground plan leaves you with extra space for the relaxation of your private home. A parallel kitchen layout also can be easily fashioned out of an open layout plan with a gypsum wall
  •   L shaped layout: This is a format, wherein the rows are diagonal to each other, hence forming a L shape. This gets the kitchen working space into the nook, as a result giving quite a few loose areas to move approximately. L-formed kitchens offer an easy and efficient workspace and allow appliances and cabinets to be mounted along right-angled walls with an open place inside the center. The most efficient kitchens are designed with the ‘operating triangle’ in mind. The running triangle allows you to transport easily between your sink, oven/cooktop, and refrigerator. This type of kitchen is a first-rate proponent of the operating triangle. With workstations set out on two different walls in L-formed kitchens, you don’t have to walk too far to attain extraordinary zones, making meal prep extra organized!Lshaped kitchen
  • U shaped Kitchen: This is the pleasant preference for small kitchens and convenient too. A u-shaped kitchen is a kitchen design that features three walls which are covered with shelves and home equipment. It is an efficient design that frees up floor space. This kitchen maximizes the wall space by using the walls for cabinets and appliances. Its u-shaped design makes it easy for chefs and homeowners to access various areas of the kitchen without needing to walk across the room. When house owners are designing their u-shaped kitchens, they must try to place their maximum used home equipment or work regions right into a single triangle of space. This may permit them to work extra efficiently each time they are in their kitchen.U shaped kitchen
  • Island layout: This one however is supposed for large kitchens. Here the cooking hob is altogether a different counter unit, even as the L shaped row is meant for the sink and storage functions. A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet which can either match your existing kitchen design or compliment it. This island can have kitchen stools around it, for extra seating and include integral storage drawers or cabinets and can be used to house your cooking appliances.island kitchen

These are the some methods in which you can plan, design and layout your kitchen, and additionally make changes in keeping with your choices.

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