Indian style simple kitchen designs

Kitchen cabinet with kitchenwares

A beautiful simple kitchen design must be an important step towards making your dream house come true. But, planning an ideal space takes a lot of effort and time. As you begin planning for your modular kitchen renovation, there are many things to consider, including layout, design and materials. In this article we have collected the top 15 low cost easy simple kitchen design you should consider when remodeling your kitchen. So, here are some tips on what a perfect kitchen should look like.

15 Low cost easy simple kitchen design

Grey and yellow Indian style kitchen
yellow and grey simple kitchen design

I have an unusual kitchen that uses the colors yellow and grey together. It looks great and I love it! This is the perfect L- shaped simple kitchen design with sufficient storage space.

Blue cabinets with white walls
blue cabinets with while tiles

Blue laminate finish cabinets with white tiles on the dado area are the simple yet stylish color combination you can use for your kitchen. This simple kitchen room design provides sufficient working space and extra counter space on the side.

Experiment with grey and maroon kitchen design
grey and maroon kitchen design

If you are looking for some inspiration on what a Grey and Maroon kitchen could look like, check out this amazing kitchen design with upper and lower grey laminated cabinets with sufficient storage space and appliances.

Vastu compliant white kitchen design
vastu compliant simple white kitchen design

Give your space a timeless look with this Vastu-friendly white simple kitchen design. This is a wonderful kitchen design with white cabinets, appliances, countertops, and a full-length window wall at the back.

Play with maroon and beige
play with maroon and beige

Big family kitchen with rectangle profile doors and golden matte handles to get a modern look. Easy to clean a beige granite countertop with tiles at dado. With sufficient storage space and place for big electrical appliances, this is a traditional Indian kitchen design.

A solo red kitchen design
a solo kitchen

Solo small kitchen with upper and lower wood laminated cabinet doors with gola profile handle and no handle in the top unit to give a smooth and clean look. White acrylic surface countertop and geometric tile pattern to get zen type look.

A big family kitchen design
big family kitchen design

Colorful kitchen design with hi gloss edge banded shutters and granite counter top. Plain wall tiles to easy maintenance and open shelves with dado area accessories for multi users. 

Pastel shade L- shaped kitchen design
kitchen design

Pastel and white L-shaped simple kitchen design with white granite counter top and laminated cabinets. Brick wall tiles on the dado and upper cabinets to carter heavy storage needs. 

Dark theme simple kitchen design with spot lights

This dark theme compact kitchen with well defined work triangle is perfect for small for small spaces. It provides sufficient storage space and extended side table to avoid the need of separate dinning table. 

Low cost small kitchen design
small kitchen design

Low cost small space simple kitchen design with laminated wood finish cabinets with big round easy to grip handles and inbuilt kitchen appliances is perfect for small family. 

Traditional Indian kitchen design transformation
parallel kitchen design

Transform your traditional Indian kitchen design into this awesome parallel kitchen with PU polished rectangular framed cabinet doors and inbuilt appliance space. Accessible washing counter with ample of multi user activity space. 

Grey and white open kitchen design

Grey and white pen kitchen design with Pu painted doors and accessible open shelves. A granite island counter to make space for multiple users from kids to adults. 

Big island kitchen design for party lovers

A big island kitchen design with front window view and granite counter top. It has multiple cabinets to ample storage and loft at the side of the kitchen to carter heavy storage needs. The accent light above the island counter gives the space focal point and makes it perfect party space. 

Simple yet stylish in white
small kitchen design

Stylish white simple kitchen with small cooking area and open easy to access spice and cutlery shelves in top. Pattern tile on dado area with plain white laminated cabinet doors gives simple yet stylish look to your kitchen. 

Blend of orange and green
orange and green

A perfect blend of orange and green with Pu painted doors and broad easy to grip handles is perfect traditional Indian style kitchen design. Easy to clean green granite countertop with clear dado area. 

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Humera Hallari

Humera is an experienced CAM CAD designer. Her passion for digitalization and technology has helped her to attain success in the woodworking industry.

March 26, 2022