Blind corner kitchen cabinet design ideas

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While designing a kitchen we give attention to everything from lighting to flooring, utensils, cabinet designs, and color scheme, but we often take kitchen corners for granted. No doubt kitchen corners are a complex area and, if not intelligently designed, they can prove a waste of space. Therefore, wide ranges of blind corner accessories are available to maximize the dead corner space in the kitchen and to get easy access to the entire unit.

You must have heard the word blind corner many times during the renovation of your kitchen, but how many of us know what it means? In this article, I will help you figure out how to utilize the dead corner space in your kitchen.

What is a blind corner base cabinet?

Blind corner cabinets are found in L- shaped or U- shaped kitchens where the corner between the two rows is utilized by placing suitable corner accessories. In the case of regular cabinets, an 18-inch swing door is placed but in the blind corner cabinet, a 15-inch swing door is there with a middle stile. One part of the cabinet is hidden from the view therefore it is named a blind corner cabinet. It is mainly used to store pots, pans, large trays, and appliances that are rarely used.

Different corner accessories are used to make a functional blind corner cabinet. It is dependent on the user’s requirements and budget.

Half-moon lazy susans

lazu susan blind corner cabinet

A revolving tray is mainly used to store frequently used items like spices, coffee, tea, and other utensils. The circular turntables shelves are also very convenient and easy to use. It is available in a full circle, D- shape, kidney shape, and pie cut to fit in any cabinet shape.

Blind corner cabinet pullout/swivel corner

Blind corner cabinet pullout comes with sufficient carcass depth and load-bearing capacity to store and carry the weight of large heavy utensils. One can easily pull the shelves forward and out to get easy access and a clear view of the stored items. It can be easily installed at the bottom of the cabinet in odd or even numbers. Both left and right versions of the pullout are available in the market.

swivel corner cabinet

¾ carousel cabinet 

carousal unit

It is large curved shelves ideal for storing heavy utensils large pans, pots, etc. Different designs of carousel units are available, one with a three-quarter circle and with a half-circle.

Magic corner for blind base cabinet

It has two units the outer unit is attached to the shutter and the inner unit automatically comes out when the shutter is swiveled out. In this manner entire cabinet contents are visible and within reach. One can place a dustbin holder on the outer unit and the inner unit can be used for the storage of detergents and other cleaning items. Therefore magic corner can be customized with or without the dustbin holder as per users’ needs.

There are many other ways to utilize the dead corner space in the kitchen. Users can choose one from the links mentioned above or contact us to get customized kitchen organization products for your modular kitchen.

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Humera Hallari

Humera is an experienced CAM CAD designer. Her passion for digitalization and technology has helped her to attain success in the woodworking industry.

February 18, 2022