10 living room divider cabinet designs with storage space

living room divider cabinet design with storage space

In order to maximize storage space, homeowners often install additional storage units in their living rooms. However, there are other creative ways to upraise the aesthetics of your living rooms.  In this era of open-plan rooms interiors, the use of designer partitions with some storage space is in vogue. Therefore the use of partition is the best and most creative way to delineate your large living room space with functionality and modern touch. In this article, we have compiled some ideas to create a divider for the living room to give you inspiration on what kind of things you could do with your cabinet space.

Here are some creative partitions designs between living and dining.

Living room divider cabinet design with TV unit

living room divider with tv diplay

No need to build an extra wall in the living room for your media console. Opt for the partition room divider with a simple background. It not only helps you separate the living-dining area but also eliminates the need for an extra wall for your TV display.

Kitchen partition design between living dining with ambient lighting

divider with ambient lightings

Upraise the aesthetics of your living room interior by using glass partition designs between living dining with a decorative ambient lighting system. It acts as a perfect room divider and gives a perfect view of your living room without creating any visual hindrance.

Living room divider design with the display unit

divider with display unit

Another creative way to delineate the spacious house or a compact area is placing an open shelf cabinet. It provides a perfect flow of light and air with an extra cabinet system in your living room to make the most of the available space.

Room divider with some extra seating space

divider with extra seating space

A glass room divider with an ambient lighting system not only helps you decorate your living room in a unique way but also acts as an unrealized divider for the living room. It also has some underlying seating space to help you create some extra reservations for your guests.

Living room partition with a display unit and storage space

Another living room divider cabinet design on my list is the display unit with some extra storage space. It is long enough to act as a fence in a spacious house. One can opt for this kind of partition design between living and dining when extra storage space is a top priority.

Hall partition design between living dining with bookshelf

Book shelf cum partition in living room

One of the most simple and flexible divider for living rooms is placement of a bookshelf. It act as unrealized partitioning device and allows you to make an open library in your living room. 

Cupboard style partition with seating space

cupborad style partition with seatings

Simple glass partition with some side storage loft and seating space is another best example of room divider with storage solution.

Partition design between living dining as a bar counter

partition with a bar counter

Don’t want to place a separate bar unit in one area of the house? Don’t worry; we are here with awesome room divider design with a small bar counter for your living room. This small bar counter is perfect room divider for living dining area with some side shelving for wines bottles and other items. It also has some ambient lighting system and seating space to make up your mood.

No privacy with glass room dividers

glass divider

If you can compromise a bit on your privacy and coziness then a glass partition act as a perfect room divider for the living room. The best thing about glass partitions is, that It delineates the space without creating any visual hindrance. One can use some decorative flowered designed glasses for partitions to add some extra beauty to your living room area. 

One can also opt for custom room dividers which matches your style fulfills you’re functional needs as well. 

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Humera Hallari

Humera is an experienced CAM CAD designer. Her passion for digitalization and technology has helped her to attain success in the woodworking industry.

April 8, 2022