10 Best CAD|CAM Software for the Woodworking Industry

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Note: CAD|CAM Systems Below are in Alphabetical order

1. 3D CAD Pytha

Woodworking Software

Thanks to the internet, the woodworking industry has become flooded with DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers who are pursuing all sorts of tutorials and project plans. Subsequently, this has caused a surge in demand for woodworking software.

To meet the rising demands, software manufacturers are constantly releasing new applications to stay on top of the ladder. With so many CAD/CAM software flooding the market, getting a quality software can be a daunting task. If you are finding it challenging to find the best solution for your needs, here’s a list of the industry’s finest woodworking software.

Pytha is a first-choice furniture and cabinet design software for wood workers who prefer using a powerful but intuitive software. It’s a world-class software that has scooped up the top position for both the engineering and manufacturing industries. From planning to presentation and production, Pytha has the unprecedented flexibility to deliver great results each time.


  • Unlimited modelling features in 3D.
  • It has powerful and smart parametric functionality that allows you to change your constructions in a flash.
  • Packed with a high-quality ray tracer that allows for photorealism User defined parts list layout, cutting lists.
  • Integrated generators allow you to interactively create parametric cabinets, drawers, and fronts.

2. Cabinet Vision

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Cabinet Vision is the industry’s leading cabinet design software tool for the cabinet and joinery industry. It uses solid modeling tech to generate images of 3-dimensional presentations of the final product on screen.

Many have praised Cabinet Vision for making simple tasks extremely easy and the complex tasks possible. You can bet it’s the software to eliminate costly mistakes in the factory, boost productivity, increase turnover, and save a ton of time in design and set-out.


  • High-quality 3D photo-realistic drawings.
  • Cabinet Editing feature that allows for easy creation of assemblies to allow for quick library build & creation of one-off custom cabinets.
  • Material Summary feature allows the creation of reports that explain how much of a certain material will be needed.
  • Can seamlessly connect with your CNC machine. You can start and complete the entire job just using one program.

3. CAD+T

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CAD+T is an AutoCAD-based system that’s extremely flexible, fast, and a powerful software for interior design and visualization.

The software utilizes 1 Data Model that allows for extremely efficient product processing. It consists of over 60 applications based on AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. The software also offers cutting list optimization, project management, and direct link to CNC technologies.


  • CAM Interface: Data of all the used materials and designs are directly sent to the machines thereby eradicating the need for more programming on the machine for special parts.
  • OPRM Classic/ Professional & Virtual Reality: Enables you to create perfect presentations of your designs quick and easy, impressing anyone with images, videos, and even virtual reality.

4. Fusion360

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Fusion360 is one of the most recommended furniture design software in the woodworking industry. It’s an advanced tool that provides all the necessary requirements of woodworking professionals and newbies alike.

Not only can you design furniture on Fusion360, but also you can design objects made out of a category of materials other than wood. The top features of Fusion360 include 3D visualization as well as 2D documentation.


  • Works both on cloud and device. Therefore, it can be used at any location without the need of an internet connection.
  • The cloud feature allows for all files, models, and projects to be stored and saved online.
  • Fusion360 is an easy to use tool as it has an intuitive interface that simplifies the designing and editing process.

It’s an efficient and powerful tool that comes at an affordable price tag.



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Originally made in Germany, Imos is a 3D modelling software that’s perfect for furniture and interior furnishing manufactures. It provides multiple ways of designing and modifying furniture at every step of the manufacturing process.

Further, the industry-specific 3D design tools of Imos are linked with modern machines and communication platforms that allow for an individual piece of furniture to be realized economically.


  • Augmented reality applications for Android and IOS devices.
  • Utilizes a web-based system for planning, presentation, and ordering.
  • Offers a simplistic 3D configurator that’s perfect for customizable products.
  • Offers HD visuals using cloud based rendering technology.

6. Microvellum

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Microvellum Software is a design software company that’s headquartered in Central Point, Oregon (USA), building technology for woodworkers since 1995. The Microvellum software is built on Autodesk and Microsoft platforms.

It’s a manufacturing software solution that enables cabinet and millwork companies to products goods accurately and efficiently.


  • Solid Model Analyzation feature that converts solids from other modelling applications such as SketchUp to manufacture Microvellum products.
  • Offers 24-hour support channels.
  • Software functionality is mostly influenced by users.
  • Automated solid rendering for custom products.

7. Palette CAD

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Palette is a 3D rendering software that’s mostly used by interior designers and architects to design plans, layout diagrams, and objects. It’s also highlighted as a great tool for animation teams that intend to utilize 3D design software.


  • Advanced Modeling: Provides advanced and real-time modeling that can present the final product in a “photo-realistic” manner.
  • Interoperability: Makes it possible for you to exchange data from Palette with other tools if the need arises.
  • Advanced Control: This features allow for any user to give mechanical attributes to objects which allows them to behave as if they were the real-thing.

8. SketchUp

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SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D design software in the market. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners.

Despite its simplicity, it’s jam-packed with a lot of features ideal for engineering, architecture, and interior design. Unfortunately, it isn’t a dedicated furniture design software. However, it’s quite efficient for it.


  • Has a dedicated community known as 3D Warehouse where members can share their designs and allow others to view and download their designs.
  • It’s extremely accurate. Therefore, you can model just about anything with great accuracy and detail.
  • It’s integrated with a CutList plugin that allows you to create a cutlist of all parts in your project after designing it.

9. Solidworks

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Solidworks is one of the most popular 3D modelling software in the woodworking industry. Almost everyone from professionals to freelancers uses Solidworks.

This may be due to the fact that it has been available since the early 90s. The sheer power and versatility of Solidworks makes it a top choice for many in numerous fields.


  • Ability to use third party software alongside or within Solidworks.
  • A great community full of large woodworking libraries to help anyone get started.

10. SWood

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SWood is a France-based Cad/ Cam software solution that has helped woodworkers produce all manner of products such as stairs, windows, doors, furniture, and many other products.

It has also helped many stay up-to-date with the latest technology in the woodworking industry.


  • Offers support for woodworking specific operations such as sawing, mortising, and grooving.
  • Offers support for Nesting.

Well, there you have it. This concludes the list of the best Cad/ Cam systems for the woodworking industry in 2020. We hope that these solutions and features are what you require for your business to grow and thrive. If you are finding making a decision challenging, just focus on a woodworking software that’s custom-tailored towards your business or personal needs.

February 26, 2021