CAM Software and its uses

Operating CNC Machine

CAM stands for Computer-Aided Machining or Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CAM uses computer software and machinery to facilitate CNC machining and automate the manufacturing process. In other words, CAM utilizes the designs made using a CAD system to control automated machinery.

Uses of CAM Software

  • CAM software transforms the engineering designs into real-life products by converting the geometry to machine tools.
  • In addition, CAM aids processes like cutting, turning, milling, routing, heat cutting, drilling, sawing spinning, and CNC machining.
  • It offers computer-aided process planning and Computer-Aided Inspection for manufacturing different parts of the products.
  • Moreover, it enables you to create a list of assembly, bills of materials and it also helps in assembly sequence planning.
  • CAM software works in collaboration with CNC and DNC systems. Therefore, it aids writing of numerical control programs for manufacturing the parts on CNC machines.
  • In addition, CAM determines whether the product can be made or not, and the time required for manufacturing the product.
  • Above all, prototype models can be made for proper inspection of products and to finalize the designs for manufacturing.

CAM is usually dependent on CAD. However, optimization and analysis of the designs is a part of Computer-aided Analysis or CAA. The analysis involves static fraction, strain, stress calculation, heat transfer, and fluid dynamic studies. In conclusion, CAA offers superior quality designs with minimal flaws. After that, manufacturing is done using CAM.

Above all, the use of CAM  decreases the lead time and reduces the manufacturing cost of the product. Collective use of CAD-CAM software for designing and manufacturing is CAE or Computer-Aided Engineering.

Advantages of CAM software

CAM system utilizes the blueprints, designs, and models made using CAD software in later stages of manufacturing.

There is no need to hire expensive and more draftsmen to design and manufacture products.

The manufacturing process requires minimal supervision.

Moreover, 3d models can be judged before making expensive materials. Therefore it is cost and time-effective.

Work done by machines is accurate. Therefore, negligible chance of error.

In addition, it saves time. Because machines can carry out the manufacturing process continuously without any disturbances.

Why choose

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wood cutting machine 3D wood cnc router. CNC milling machine carving a wooden part blank. Cutter

CAM services we offer are:

  • Cutting list
  • Board optimization with pdf layouts for a panel saw
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  • Edge banding details
  • Panel wise stickers with barcodes of CNC programs

Humera Hallari

Humera is an experienced CAM CAD designer. Her passion for digitalization and technology has helped her to attain success in the woodworking industry.

July 27, 2021