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10 living room divider cabinet designs with storage space

living room divider cabinet design with storage space
In order to maximize storage space, homeowners often install additional storage units in their living rooms. However, there are other creative ways to upraise the aesthetics of your living rooms.  In this era of open-plan rooms interiors, the use of designer partitions with some storage space is in vogue. Therefore the use of partition is...
April 8, 2022

Indian style simple kitchen designs

Kitchen cabinet with kitchenwares
A beautiful simple kitchen design must be an important step towards making your dream house come true. But, planning an ideal space takes a lot of effort and time. As you begin planning for your modular kitchen renovation, there are many things to consider, including layout, design and materials. In this article we have collected...
March 26, 2022

Modular kitchen accessories list you must have

Food storage, woman taking food, sunflower oil for cooking
The kitchen is the most utilized place of the house. We pay a lot of attention to the outer appearance of our kitchen. But interior kitchen accessories are equally important. If not organized properly, then your kitchen time will be terrible even after spending lakhs. A well-organized kitchen not only enhances the overall appearance of...
March 17, 2022

Low Cost Simple Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchen with tidy counter and shelves
Today, a modular kitchen has a necessity more than a luxury. It is highly customizable and manufactured at the factory site in the form of modules or small units after taking perfect measurements of the installation site. A wide range of colors, designs, laminates, finishes, appliances, and accessories are available in the market. If you...
March 9, 2022

Modern two color combination for kitchen laminates and walls

Modern Kitchen in pastel colors
There are many important components of modular kitchen design and planning. Like, the selection of perfect Lighting systems, Kitchen Flooring, cabinet designs, kitchen cabinet laminates, countertop material, etc. One important thing that enhances the overall look of your kitchen is the color scheme. But to find a modern two-color combination for kitchen walls or laminate...
March 2, 2022

Modern Floor Seating Ideas for Living room or Bedroom

Positive female athlete sits on floor with laptop and looks at camera
We all know that the culture of sitting on the floor came from Japan. While adopting the modern culture, we have left behind the idea of floor seating. But not anymore, Our designers have given a modern touch to the idea of floor seating. The modern floor seating ideas mentioned below will help you regain peacefulness...
February 25, 2022

Blind corner kitchen cabinet design ideas

Kitchenware storage drawers in kitchen
While designing a kitchen we give attention to everything from lighting to flooring, utensils, cabinet designs, and color scheme, but we often take kitchen corners for granted. No doubt kitchen corners are a complex area and, if not intelligently designed, they can prove a waste of space. Therefore, wide ranges of blind corner accessories are...
February 18, 2022

Japanese furniture Design Ideas and Custom Woodworking.

3d rendering japanese style living room
Furniture is nothing but anything and everything that not only contributes to the beauty of space but also makes it suitable for living or working in. Japanese woodworking and classical design furniture in Japan was grown over a thousand years and it is still highly regarded in every corner of the world. People love Japanese-style...
January 21, 2022

Kitchen False Ceiling Design Ideas in 2022

Kitchen ceiling
Searching for some amazing kitchen false ceiling designs? A Kitchen is the most significant space of any house and the same is the most ignored area of it. Many people spend a lot of money on kitchen décor but leave the kitchen ceiling bare and ugly. Ceiling designs play a vital role in uplifting the...
January 20, 2022

Best wood drill bits you should know about.

wood drill bit picture
We often say that we know our work very well but do you know your tools well? A professional woodworker is one who has a good understanding of his tools. Using the right tool for the job allows you to get superior quality results with the highest efficiency and accuracy. Like the router bit, the...
January 9, 2022

Woodworking Router Bit profiles Every Woodworker should know.

A router is one of the most important carpentry power tools which offer great versatility and convenience. Woodworker’s tool kit is incomplete without a Router and set of router bits. Woodworking router bits are used to perform tasks like cutting, paneling, siding, sheathing, grooving, joinery, edge profiling, and special molding on wood with the highest...
November 25, 2021

DIY Woodcraft Ideas that Sell

DIY woodworker
Wood crafting is the most fundamental skill of all time. Our forefathers used this skill to fulfill their basic needs. However, today’s techniques have evolved so much that you can make money using your woodcraft ideas. The invention of CNC machines and other complex tools has made the life of woodworkers much easier. However, it...
November 5, 2021
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