BIM is not a revolutionary process; it is an evolutionary process, and it is still in its formative stages. A growing number of AEC professionals are implementing BIM for designing, construction, property development and maintenance. Moreover, enhanced project efficiency, improved collaboration between different stakeholders, and a single model containing all the project info are advantages of BIM. Outsourcing BIM services is an upward trend in today’s world.

Many underdeveloped countries and small firms rely on traditional drawings for construction projects due to a lack of BIM expertise, understanding of BIM standards, and the affordability of software. Still, we need to understand the importance of this process as the AEC industry is facing new challenges every day.

BIM can not only be used at primary stages of construction but also for later stages that is throughout the project life cycle. Some countries have made it mandatory to use BIM to design, construct, and maintain infrastructural projects. However, it still requires active promotion and enthusiastic support from the governments and AEC professionals.

BIM outsourcing or bim engineers working on live model

Barriers against BIM

BIM is still not customarily implemented by AEC professionals. The study was conducted worldwide amongst construction industry professionals to list the reason companies not using Building Information System in 2017. About 37 percent of respondents listed the cost of the software as too expensive. (Published by Raynor de Best, Nov 18, 2020). The result of another study published on Sept 9, 2021, showed low client demand for using the tool. Raynor de Best 

Other barriers against BIM outsourcing are lack of resources needed for the implementation, lack of expertise, low client demand, and the cost of training personnel. The focused barrier while implementing BIM is related to lack of expertise within the team and cost of training, software cost, etc. This can be can be subsidized by the Government to quantify the use of BIM by small medium enterprises. 

Why Outsource BIM services from us?

It is selecting the right BIM partner that results in positive business outcomes in terms of functionality and profitability. It is recommended to outsource BIM services from reputed firms to overcome the project difficulties and address everyday challenges faced by engineers and contractors. In addition, avoid rework, and free up the team to concentrate on other core details of the project and uplifts the profit margin.

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